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Become a Mentor 

Mentors are the primary resource for our mentees. Mentors provide insight and experience that our mentees would not have otherwise received.


Mentors provide a minimum of 10 hours in a month of availability for mentees. We encourage our mentors and mentees to meet virtually and in person.


 Mentors provide individualized guidance and feedback about the different phases of the journey to Barred process. Mentors may volunteer to help up to 3 mentees at a time.


To learn more about becoming a mentor and sign up today, email us at

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Become a Mentee 

Mentees are minority youth and young adults who aspire to become lawyers. The minimum grade school requirement for mentorship is Junior year in high school. Therefore, mentees can also be in college and even in law school.


Mentees are required to meet with their mentors at the times they designate. Mentees are also  encouraged to attend at least one educational session per quarter whether virtual or in person.

Mentees are eligible to apply to the various scholarship opportunities presented by SJM.


If you are interested in joining SJM as a mentee, apply here.

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