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In the United States, lawyers of color make up 14.6% of the profession. Specifically, only 4.7% of attorneys in the country are African American, 2.5% are Asian, and Hispanics make up only 5%. These statistics show a major gap between minorities and non-minorities as it pertains to accessing membership into the legal profession.


Phase one of SJM's mission is to bridge the gap, paying close attention to the way systemic racism creates obstacles that many minorities who dream of one day becoming a lawyer face. SJM works closely with high schoolers, undergraduates, and even current law students to provide resources and tools to see them pass the Bar and become practicing attorneys. One resource SJM is proud to offer is mentorship. SJM will pair mentees with a mentor who has already been through the wringer of law school and passing the Bar. Mentors will serve as an accountability partner and counselor to help with some of the challenges mentees may face while reaching their goal to practice law.


With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies to create community  between current legal professionals and aspiring legal students. SJM offers monthly gatherings for high school, college, and law students to come together and be informed about the world they are gearing up to enter into.

Along with creating a space for our members to fellowship, at SJM, we also believe education is the backbone of economic equality among minority people. Much of the events SJM offers focus on building community and teaching about the many obstacles that face minorities in gaining access to professional spaces and the tools we can use to achieve greatness, nonetheless.

Adult Education Course


At SJM we are encouraged by the idea that Justice can truly be for all. However, we recognize the need for holistic change in order to make that a reality. Many SJM participants find themselves unable to afford all the fees and expenses that come with obtaining a license to practice law. With the help of your donations, we are able to support our members who otherwise would not be able to afford the costs associated with accessing the legal field. 

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